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House Moving Tips in London

House Moving Tips in London

Find here the best house moving tips by by reliable man and van Removal Company London UK. In order to save time, money and hassle during house removal you should pack properly, general rule is pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter and bulkier items in large boxes. Please do not make any box so heavy that someone handling it struggles. 

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Always pack fragile and delicate items with bubble wraps or foam wraps. Use packing paper for packing your kitchen items such as plates, dishes and glass, please do not use newspaper as they leave ink marks on your items. Taping such item with fragile tape is always a good idea as it will be easier to identify.

Lamps Packing and Moving

Always pack the lamps separately. Adjacent lamp shades should be packed by placing a piece of wrapping paper between them, please do not use newspaper as it will leave permanent marks.

Pictures Packing and Moving

Oil painting should always be wrapped in non acidic clear wrap, then bubble wrap them and place them in a flattened out box and secure the ends with tapes. Pictures in glass frames should be wrapped in blankets and placed in picture cartons.

China and Glass Packing and Movig

China and glass needs special care. Use sheets of wrapping paper in the bottom of box for extra padding. Wrap china and glass using white wrapping paper and place them in the box with no lose space so that they do no fiddle around during move. Make sure place glasses in stand up positions in the box and also plates should be individually wrapped in wrapping paper and place them on their side, Always use separate box for plates and glass.

Fridge and Freezers Moving

Before moving make sure they are thoroughly empty and defrosted, after moving do not turn it on before two hours as compressor gas needs time to settle down.

Drawers Moving

Drawers filled with linen and clothes should be left as it is, however make sure fragile value able items such as mobile phones, video games and tablet PC should be emptied before move.

Books Moving

ookksThese are the heaviest items, when packing books make sure you use small boxes and spare a thought for the person who will be carrying these boxes. While using large boxes for books only go half way and use some lighter items to fill it up so that the weight is easily manageable.

Double Check Moving House

Make a figure of eight by walking through your house making sure nothing is being left behind, have a look in your conservatories, basements and garden making sure  before you dispatch.

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